MagnetPaint ( 1L to 5L)

  • Can make every surface ‘magnetic’. Can also be used on plastic and wood.
  • Can be painted over with any paint or colour.
  • Can be easily used under blackboardpaint or whiteboardpaint from MagPaint
  • A safe, environmentally friendly product that meets international environmental standards and EU directives.
  • A water-borne latex paint; no unpleasant odours and easy to apply.
  • Achieves the standard (BS EN 71-3: 1995) for a child-friendly paint.
  • May hold up to 20 sheets of paper with one magnet (29 mm neodymium).
  • Starting at S$ 64.00 .
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Ideal for Office Environments.
Maximise visual space with our Magnetic Paint.

Explore the endless possibilities of MAGNETPAINT for home, work, shops or at school. Make use of surfaces you do not currently use in a totally new way; everyone can be creative with MAGNETPAINT!

• Easy to apply on various types of (curved) surfaces
• Water-based paint, contains no VOC and is odorless
• Roller application in three layers
• Meets child safety standard EN71-3
• Can be painted over with any type of paint or can be
• Holds up to 20 sheets of A4 copy paper with just 1 magnet (29mm neodymium)


Round The Home

From a stylish play-wall to a handy scheduling board for the whole family: use MAGNETPAINT throughout the home for posters and shopping lists. Hang up theatre tickets, drawings and photographs. Make pictures on the walls with magnetic crafts such as trees, cartoons, castles or animals. Anything goes!

In The Work Place

Do you have a presentation to make? Do you understand your projects? Put your schedule on the wall! With MAGNETPAINT from MagPaint, it is a breeze. Show or organize your work on the wall and make information accessible to everyone. You can even hang 3D objects on the wall.

For Schools

Hooray! Hazardous drawing pins and sticky tape can finally be disposed of. All those tasks, drawings, paintings, sketches and pictograms and schedules can now be hung directly on the wall with magnets.

How convenient! Every piece of wall can be utilised. That’s great, because what could be more fun than a wall full of do it yourself arts and crafts?

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Click to view Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data

Safety Data

Click to view Safety Data Sheet

Video-How To Apply

Video-How To Apply

Frequently Asked Questions -MagnetPaint

Frequently Asked Questions -MagnetPaint

* Can MagnetPaint be safely applied at home?        
Yes. MagnetPaint is safe for children, is lead-free and complies to the european safety norm EN 71-3 for children's toys.
* Can MagnetPaint interfere with (cardiac) pacemakers.      
No.The Paint itself is not magnetic,but consists iron particles to attract magnets. Just like a fridge and is therefore safe to apply.
*Can MagnetPaint interfere with radio waves.        
Yes. If used from wall to wall, each layer of paint can 'filter out' some radio waves and therefore interfere with reception of,
for example, wireless phone if the transmitter is placed on the other side of the wall.    
if used at the sixe of a message board, or similar, no loss of reception should occur.    
* Is MagnetPaint easy to use?          
Yes. MagnetPaint can be used on any smooth surface. The surface should be treated as with any ordinary wall paint.
Important for easy application is to steer properly, so the iron particles are distributed throughout the paint evenly. 
The Paint has been optimized for professional use, which makes application at home also a whistle.  

Drying times between coats is 4 hours, but 24 hours should be taken into account to finish with a top coat or wallpaper.

*Magnetic Paint should not be thinned or mixed with other types of paint.Any tools used can be cleaned with water and soap.

* Does it work with any type of type of magnet?      
No. To understand why, it is important to know that magnetism is established as a combination of thickness of the paint and 

the quality/type of magnet used. The paintis not itself magnetic but does contains a high percentage of iron particles that allows 

magnets to stick to it and thereby turns a wall into a magnet board.Strong magnets like Neodymium Magnets are recommended.

This is why the paint needs multiple coats, so iron particles are placed upon each other.    
Stronger magnets now can go more into depth and use also the deeper layered iron particles, which results in a stronger  
magnetic force. On the other end, a cut sheet magnet needs only 1 layer of paint to stay attached to the wall.
* How much paint do I need?          
1 Liter of Magnet Paint is sufficient for 5m²  in a single coat or 2.5m² for 2 coats.    
Apply a minimum of 2 coats. 3 coats are advised.For extras strong magnesium, apply a 4th coat for use with Neodym magnets
(look like shiny steel magnets).          
* Can the paint be removed ?          
Yes. There are 2 possibilities          
• Since the paint itself is quite soft, you can easy sand it off (please protect yourself from dust)  
• Apply wallpaper first for later ,easy removal.        
* Which colors are available?          
Only one.MagnetPaint is a dark-grey primer, which can be top-coated with any kind of paint in any colors. Water based or 
solvent based.MagnetPaint can also be used behind wallpaper. Please note the thickness of wallpaper can be of influence 
on the magnetic strength.          
* In what volumes?            
MagnetPaint is available in any volume. Our standard volumes are however ; 0.5-1.0-2.5 Liters.  
Bulk quantities on request.          




Instructions for use:

  • Prepare the surface as for applying any wall paint.
  • Stir thoroughly before use (the iron particles sink); depending on standing time, for 10 to 15 minutes. F
  • For normal use, do not dilute (roller/brush). Avoid excessive standing time during painting; otherwise thoroughly stir once again.
  • For spraying, the paint can be diluted with not more than 5% water. 
  • Use MagnetPaint at room temperature. High atmospheric humidity can delay the drying time. 
  • The next coat can be applied after 4 hours drying time. For ordinary magnets, 3 coats of MagnetPaint are generally sufficient.
  • In the event of insufficient magnetic effect, use other, stronger magnets. For extra strong mag-nets , a 4th coat may be applied. 
  • If necessary, test the magnetic effect before finishing.  Gentle sanding ensures a smoother surface (see also: Finishing).
  • After 24 hours drying time, the paint can be overpainted with whatever kind (turpentine-based / water-based ) or color of paint you desire, or covered with (thin) wallpaper.


  • Prepare the surface as with normal wall paint. Do not apply direct to unstable, old painted surfaces, rough or irregular or highly-absorbent surfaces. First pre-treat MDF 
  • with an insulating primer. On non-porous surfaces, the paint can be applied direct. In all other cases: first try a test strip. To allow you to remove the paint in the future, apply over wallpaper. For the best magnetic result, apply the paint as smoothly as possible. 


  • Based on 2 to 3 coats, a half litre pot will cover approxima-tely 1 m2. Remember, the magnetic effect is weaker than 
  •   with a solid metal sheet, like a refrigerator door. Generally speaking, 3 coats are sufficient for a good magnetic effect. 
  • A 4th coat can increase magnetic strength, if used with powerful magnets. 1 to 2 coats are recommended for magnetic film products (e.g. foam letters with a magnetic film coat). Check the quality of the magnets; good mag-nets guarantee the best magnetic effect.


  • Can be topcoated with any standard (scratch-resistant) paint or varnish; both water-based and solvent-based.
  • Can be excellently combined with blackboard paint (an extra smooth finish is required). 
  • MagnetPaint itself is a soft emulsion paint. Iron particles can be easily scratched free with the magnets. It is therefore always recommended that you topcoat MagnetPaint. 
  • For an extra smooth surface, gentle sanding is sufficient (possibly apply an additional coat of MagnetPaint).
  • It is also possible to smooth the paint during drying with a spatula or squeegee. The first coat produces a scratched surface, but (if used correctly) the third coat is entirely smooth. Sprayable.


  • MagnetPaint can be diluted with water (max. 5%). Remember: diluting means the iron particles sink faster! Stir several times at intervals.

Drying times:

  • After 4 hours, repaintable with MagnetPaint. Before applying the finishing coat (paint or varnish), first allow the MagnetPaint coats to harden for 24 hours.
  • Processing temperature:MagnetPaint can best be used at room temperature (20°C). Drying times can be influenced by temperature and relative atmospheric humidity.
  • Tools:Paint roller / foam roller / short-haired roller, spatula, brush, spray gun with priming nozzle.
  • Cleaning tools / spills:Wash immediately after use with soap and water.
  • Storage / shelf life:store in a cool dry place, air-tight, and frost-free (above 5°C). Shelf life 2 years in sealed packaging at 20°C,Following opening, you are recommended to use all the product.


  • MagnetPaint has been classified ‘safe’ and complies to the European standard for childrens toys (NEN 71-3).
  • Read the Safety Data Sheet for additional information.





Do it Yourself (DIY) Painting

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