About Juz Paint

Exclusive Distributor of MagPaint Europe in

South-East Asia.

JUZ PAINT (SEA) Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company. 

Our Specialization

The Leading Manufacturer of Magnetic Paint In The World.

Over the years, MagPaint has developed into the biggest specialist in niche products for the decorative paints and varnishes market. At MagPaint, the best quality and the pursuit of a product that is as human and environmentally friendly is always been of paramount importance. This level of quality has been achieved by focusing on research, product development and by being in close contact with our customers. This search for quality has resulted in the following products range.

» MagnetPaint/MagnetPlaster; makes any surface ferromagnetic
» SketchPaint; turns any surface into a writable surface like a Whiteboard
» BeamerPaint; Turn your wall at home, at work or in the café into a high quality     projection screen
» Green- and BluescreenPaint; chromakey paint for video editing
» GlowPaint; high quality waterbased glow-in-the-dark paint
» BlackboardPaint; the classic blackboard paint in different colors
» Accessories; a wide range of complementary products such as magnets,crayons,markers and  tools.

We Carry MagPaint’s Full Range of Products.

Our products add both functionality and fun to any wall and are ideal for offices, homes, schools and many more.